High fives and good vibes ✌️

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Bursts of energy
Our days are better together
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Good vibes
Celebrate your path
Wins galore
Time with friends
Propel your projects forward
Cheer others on
Rituals that fill your cup
Courage to keep paving this path
Low lift way to connect
Feel empowered
Curb burnout together
Coworking reimagined
Pet friendly, we're home after all
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Cowork with people who get it ✨

The daily ritual of Grooving (aka our 50-minute coworking sessions) will help you achieve your goals, stay focused, and get accountability from creative friends. Building your own business from home isn't something you should do alone. Surround yourself with Groovers who light you up.

High fives and good vibes ✌️

Hey, you!


Morning prep 🌞

Join a 50-minute coworking session

The shared experience of Grooving helps us build incredible relationships with each other and get stuff done while we do it! When you're ready, join other 1-3 Groovers (old pals and new friends!) on video. One person will start "with the mic" and share what they'd like to accomplish. After everyone shares, you'll head off video.

Time to focus!

Check off your tasks as you finish them. Psst—check one off right now for a surprise 👀 Other Groovers will see when you've completed them and send encouragement to keep going.

Celebrate progress

When the time is up, come back on video to share how it went. This is the secret sauce for the accountability to really work! It's easier to stay on task when you know you have to share at the end. 🎉

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Accomplish smarter

Increase your focus, understand how long tasks actually take, and prioritize what's most important. Many Groovers have reduced their work hours by 5-15/week!

Build professional friendships

The shared ritual of coworking together creates really powerful relationships. Groovers collaborate, are guests on each other's podcasts, share tips, and more.

Get bursts of motivation

Hop on a Groove to kick off your day or get through an afternoon slump. After just one Groove you'll feel back on track!

Living your best life is a team sport.

Deciding to pave your own path shouldn't come at the cost of having great people around you every day.

Groovers are fun, wacky, creative entrepreneurs who will light you up and help you get shit done.

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