High fives and good vibes ✌️

On-demand digital coworking space for people daring to live life differently

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Our days are better together
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Monthly goal planning parties
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Good vibes
Celebrate your path
Wins galore
Time with friends
Propel your projects forward
Cheer others on
Rituals that fill your cup
Courage to keep paving this path
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Feel empowered
Curb burnout together
Coworking reimagined
Pet friendly, we're home after all
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One tap to cowork with people like you 🕺

Groovers are a whole bunch of ambitious doers from all over the world, who have decided to create lives and career paths that feel so them 🌍

High fives and good vibes ✌️

Hey, you!


Morning routine ☀️

Cowork with us 🥳

This is how we hang out every day—inside 50-minute on-demand coworking sessions with 1-3 other Groovers. Whether you're starting your day or in an afternoon slump, it's always a good time. Share what you'd like to accomplish and then go off video to get it done 🚀

Focus for 50 ⏱

As you make progress, fellow Groovers will cheer you on in a written chat—and you can send high fives and good vibes back 🎉

Celebrate progress

Consistently showing up to move things forward adds up to big changes over time! 🎉 Whether you're Groovin' with friends you've known for years or new pals, it's easy to bump into each other on the regular, hear how they're doing, and also get stuff done.

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Anywhere, anytime

It fits right into your day—no matter what structure you've designed for yourself. Early birds, night owls, and those feelin' the afternoon slump are all welcome.

Bursts of encouragement 🎉

Celebrate a win or share a goal on our digital bulletin board for high fives and good vibes from others blazing unique paths.

Care from people who get it

Imagine what it's like to hang out with people who appreciate your non-traditional path every single day 👀

We're friends 🫶

Groovers = our "chosen coworkers"

Most of us don't have a team. Instead, we have Groove crews.

In this space, we're our true, human, (and sometimes wacky) selves.

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If your work doesn’t fit into a neat little box, you're one of us 💛

We're freelancers, writers, coaches, creatives, artists, business owners, marketers, podcast hosts, non-profit leaders, & more.

Groove is free right now—if you think you’re a good fit, apply to join this special crew of humans living life differently.

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