Get sh*t done, the fun way

A day-to-day accountability community for solo workers. Find connection, not distraction.

catch up on email
reflect on the last Quarter
set goals for the day
submit an application
pitch a new client
script your podcast
plan your new book
take a course
update your website
plan an event
declutter your desk
write shotlist for photoshoot
finish your analytics report
start that new project

Here's how it works

In a 50 minute Groove, a group of 2-4 freelancers, creatives and other solo workers gather to work side-by-side (virtually). Work from home loneliness, be gone ✨

Get sh*t done, the fun way

Let's give it a go


Drafting 2 marketing proposals

Join a Groove

Hop on Groove’s app to start, join, or schedule a Groove. Soon, others will join you, and you’ll get started with a short video check-in to say hi and share your goal for the session.

Dive into your deep work

The majority of the Groove is off video. Start conquering your to-do list by breaking your goal into tasks. Cheer on your fellow Groovers in the chat 🎉


After you’ve flowed through your 50-minute Groove, you’ll quickly hop back on video to debrief, share your successes, and wrap up your day knowing you did your best. 🏆

0 mins
0 mins
What can
in the
Write your next blog post, finish a presentation, make a vision board, or remember to take your lunch. What you do in the Groove is up to you, but you’re sure to get sh*t done and have a good time while you’re at it.

Groove has opened my eyes to just how unfocused my day was without the extra accountability that the community provides. The system is easy and smooth and the people are awesome!

Bri, Community Architect

Find focus,
whenever you need it

Ditch distraction with Groove’s social focus sessions. You’ll get more done and have fun while you’re at it 🥳

Say hey to your new accountability crew

In every Groove you’ll have 1-3 other solo workers sending you good vibes. If having your own team of cheerleaders is what you need, then you’re right where you need to be 😎

Get sh*t done

Give yourself dedicated time and space to conquer your to-do list. That big project that’s been sitting on your desk for a few weeks? It’s not looking so scary in the Groove.

Ready to get in the Groove?

Apply to join our community. If accountability, structure, and good ol’ fashioned fun sound like a good time to you, fill out this form. You can also ask a current Groover community member for their invite code —they're probably happy to share 💌

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