Get sh*t done, the fun way

An on-demand accountability community designed for coaches to
➡️ find focus
➡️ meet other supportive go-getters
➡️ level up their businesses

respond to emails
reflect on the last quarter
set goals for the day
catch up on bookkeeping
pitch a new client
script your podcast
write a blog post
launch your course
refresh your website
onboard your new client
declutter your desk
schedule your email newsletter
create content calendar
start that new project
design a workshop
prep for a talk
review your methodology
create your marketing plan
get those client testimonials

Here's how it works

Say hello to your fellow coaches 👋 In a 50 minute Groove, 2-4 coaches with sh*t to do virtually co-work together. Doesn't your to-do list feel more manageable already?

Get sh*t done, the fun way

Let's give it a go


Drafting a client proposal

Join a Groove

Hop on Groove’s app to start, join, or schedule a Groove. Soon, other coaches will join you, and you’ll get started with a short video check-in to say hi and share your goal for the session.

Dive into your deep work

The majority of the Groove is off video. Start conquering your to-do list by breaking your goal into tasks. Cheer on your fellow Groovers in the chat 🎉


After you’ve flowed through your 50-minute Groove, you’ll quickly hop back on video to debrief, share your successes, and wrap up your day knowing you did your best. 🏆

0 mins
0 mins
What can
in the
Prep for a coaching session, write your next blog post, finish a client proposal or remember to take your lunch. What you do in the Groove is up to you, but you’re sure to get sh*t done and have a good time while you’re at it.

I often use Groove to start my day – to get centered and focused and prepare for the day ahead. Or I use it to do specific, meaty tasks such as client proposals or workshop design. Even if I don’t finish a task or get everything done that I planned to, I make progress, and that can be significant when I’m procrastinating or avoiding something.

Alison, Team Culture Coach & Consultant

Say hey to your new accountability crew

Coaches who are doing it all, and want to get it done with the support of a powerful community – welcome! We’ve got your back.

Take a little step to get big results 💪

Groove’s on-demand social focus sessions enable you to get more done, so you grow your business quickly and smoothly. We’ll keep you focused and in the flow 🏄‍♀️

Craft a socially connected day

Get support from other go-getters from all over who are on a mission to change their lives and the world they live in. Hello, new possibilities 🤩

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